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Monday, April 5, 2010

Things Every Young Woman Should Know

Purpose Driven Princess was inspired by the poem, "A Woman Should Have" by Pamela Redmond Satran. The personal mentoring program caters these principles to young women and provides a journey for how to be the global women we want to be.**Items are covered in Prentsilya's personal mentoring sessions.

Things Every young Woman Should Know to be independent-thinking, self-sufficient, confident, and high-achieving global citizens:

Personal Character/Self-Esteem (loving you is not optional, its vital to your success)

  • Understand who you are, who you are not, and the power of being who you want to be** 
  • Have a clear set of values, principles, and integrity** 
  • Know how to be yourself no matter what ** 
  • Know how to love yourself and be your own best friend** 
  • Know not to limit yourself and be aware of the world around you** 
  • Know how to articulate and express your feelings** 
  • Know how to have fun and not take yourself too seriously** 
  • Understanding and coming to terms with your past, creating and defining your future**

Physical Health & Beauty (Outer beauty should be a reflection of your inner beauty)

  • Get check ups regularly 
  • Have an exercise routine 
  • Know how to Listen to your body** 
  • Know how to cook a few good meals & eat balanced meals ** 
  • Know how to carry yourself: walk tall, have a make-up or skin care regimen, appreciate individual beauty (lessons in classiness, sexiness, and trashiness know the difference)** 

Education, Career, Money (Set Clear goals and pursue them 100%)

  • Know how to be focused, how to set goals, and how to obtain them (vision boards, mission statements,etc,)** 
  • Raise the bar on yourself 
  • Know the components of a well-rounded education 
  • Have a good work ethic and study habits 
  • Explore your skills, talents, passions, hobbies and capitalize on them** 
  • Know how to think about money, make money, and manage money** 
  • Know how to behave at an interview: resume-building, attire, communication** 

Mental Health/Spirituality ( Discover your purpose in life)

  • Read!!! The right books can change your life** 
  • Know how to be in tune with and listen to your spirit** 
  • Know how to have faith and confidence in yourself** 
  • Create your own rituals ** 

Relationships (Build lasting relationships that could change your life)

  • Knowing your role or the role you want to play/adding value** 
  • Respect yourself and others 
  • How to Network: starting conversations with someone you do not know, ending conversations politely** 
  • Know how to communicate effectively 
  • Learn from others’ mistakes, Get mentors! 
  • Take your time to cultivate relationships with people 
  • Understand the basics to dating at a young age, sex, and what a man expects from you 
  • Understand how you should be treated, what you want out of a man and what you would like to offer someone else** 
  • How to be interdependent vs. dependent vs. independent** 
  • Understand that people in your life should add value, seeing and appreciating others for who they are not who you want them to be** 
  • Know the importance of unity and community (global,local) and family


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