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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back To School

Ok the school year is picking back up ladies and here are five quick tips to start off the year on a good note:

1) Review your schedule of classes and set academic goals accordingly. Starting with a GPA goal that is a little higher than the GPA you ended up with last year is usually a good idea. Thinking in terms of semesters also helps to make the year seem less overwhelming. Make sure you set your priorities for the year  and figure out what is more deserving of your time this year.

2) Back to School Shopping! Be a smart shopper and try purchasing some items on-line, through discount stores like Rugged Warehouse or Marshall's, and check out thrift stores for accessories. This is also a good time to clean out your closet and donate to charities like www.IvorianHope.org

3) Based on your academic schedule, see if you have some room to fit in extra-curricular activities this year where you can learn something new, socialize, or do some community service. If your parents allow you, this could be a good time to get a head start on finding part-time jobs for winter break.

4) Scholarships! Definitely start browsing the internet and check out some search engines like Fastweb.com to see if you qualify for any scholarships this year based on your grade level and be sure to take note of any important deadlines. If you're a senior and you will be filling out the FAFSA form for college financial aid, be sure to take note of when your counselor will be holding sessions to discuss college preparation.

5) Enjoy your last bits of summer. Get as much rest as you can so that you can be focused and positive. Try to get mentally prepared for the year ahead.

Have a great year!


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